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VLE, due to its many years of experience in manufacturing and designing has succeeded in producing a reduced-weight but very strong hooklift with the steel casting integral forming technology. VLE Hooklift offer a wide range of loading capacity from 1 to 30 tons to meet your different needs for varieties of loads and containers, ensuring versatility, maximum productivity and efficiency on the job.

All our hooklift system always transfer containers of different sizes change-over systems faultlessly. All models are available with various lifting capacities from 1 Ton to 30 Tons and suitable for the flexible transport of containers ranging from 2 to 8.8 meters in length. They can be installed onto suitable truck chassis, agricultural trailers and semi-trailers as well. The system is available in 4 different lifting arm types as follows: Normal, Telescopic, Articulate, and Combined.

At VLE, we exclusively utilize highly durable steel alloys, enabling us to deliver lightweight and compact constructions without compromising on strength. This advantage allows our vehicles to accommodate a larger payload. In addition, critical components like the hook and rollers are meticulously crafted from cast iron, endowing them with exceptional mechanical properties. This ensures enhanced wear resistance, thus extending the operational lifespan of our equipment.

With exceptional quality and finishing, VLE Hooklift system offers unlimited versatility and unmatched application in sectors like agriculture, waste handling, firefighting, construction, and recycling.

VLE Hooklift Features

Safety Hoist HookThe hoist hook gains exceptional strength and wear resistance through the use of steel castings, further augmented by anti-decoupling blocks.

Longevity Corner PartCasted Corner part offers durability and strength, enhancing the lifetime of the product and minimizing the risk of fracture even with prolonged usage.

Slide-Through-Container-LockSafely secures the body or container to the hoist. Mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms can be employed for internal or external body locking purposes.

Durable Tipping Pivot PointManufactured from steel castings offer increased strength, free from internal stress, and are resistant to fractures even with prolonged use.

Stable Rear RollerCasting steel rear roller part, boasts superior strength and increased wear resistance, allows for easy loading and unloading.

Crafted of casting steel, reduce hooklift weight and increased strength.

Excellent load stability during the mount, dismount and dump cycles.

The selection of operating modes, including Normal, Telescopic, Articulate, and Combined, caters to diverse requirements and environments for trucks and trailers use.

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VLE Hooklift is a leading supplier of accessories for hooklift systems, sourced from globally renowned brands. Over the past decade, they have been providing services to the majority of truck modification companies in China, earning widespread acclaim for their exceptional offerings.

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