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8 ton sliding hooklift

8 Ton Telescopic Hooklift


The Medium-duty Hooklift is specifically designed for smaller commercial and urban areas. It has an 8 Ton lifting capacity and a hook height that ranges from 1290 to 1570 millimeters.

This system is equipped with a Telescopic jib, allowing it to carry containers ranging from 3.2 to 4.7 meters in length.

Its primary purpose is to collect and transport various types of waste from small and medium-sized transfer stations for household waste.

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loader range

8 ton

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How VLE name hooklift series?

Model Ex: LBH2662Description of code
“Z”: Straight
“F” : Combined(Telescopic+ Articulate)
26Lifting capacity
“26” lifting capacity is 26t
62Distance from the hook center to rear guide roller
“62”around 6.2m

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