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3 ton hooklift with slide arm

3 Ton Hooklift with Telescopic Arm


The Light-duty Hooklift is designed for urban and rural areas use, with a lifting capacity of 3 Ton and a hook height of 930 to 990 millimeters.

This model with Telescopic jib can lift containers ranging from 2.8 to 4 meters in length and is primarily used for collection and transportation of dispersed household waste.

Product Details

loader range

3 ton

Arm Type

Telescopic Arm

Product Category


Model paremeter

Lifting Capacity (t)3
Equipment Weight (kg)440440480
Hook Height (mm)”H”990930
Dist. Hook to Rear Rollers (mm)”L”251527003200
Container Length(mm)”LR”2.8-3.33.0-3.53.5-4.0
Telescopic Jib Stroke (mm)”S”360545600
Min. Free Tunnel Height (body) (mm)”T”100
Tipping Angle (º)49
Operating Pressure (Mpa)25

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