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1.5 hooklift truck

1~1.5 Ton Hooklift with Stright Arm


The Mini Hooklift is designed for daily use in urban and rural areas. With 1 to 1.5 Ton lifting capacity and 1015 millimeter hook height, this series hooklift commonly employed on small trucks.

Equipped with a normal jib this system can carry containers ranging from 2 to 2.6 meters long, and is primarily used for collection and transportion dispersed household waste.


Product Details

loader range

1 – 2 ton

Arm Type

Straight Arm

Product Category


Model paremeter

1-2 ton hooklift sketch
Lifting Capacity (t)11.5
Equipment Weight (kg)230270
Hook Height (mm)”H”10501050
Dist. Hook to Rear Rollers (mm)”L”18002000
Container Length(mm)”LR”2.0-2.22.4-2.6
Min. Free Tunnel Height (body) (mm)”T”≥125
Tipping Angle (º)48°47°

How VLE name hooklift series?

Model Ex: LBH2662Description of code
“Z”: Straight
“F” : Combined(Telescopic+ Articulate)
26Lifting capacity
“26” lifting capacity is 26t
62Distance from the hook center to rear guide roller
“62”around 6.2m

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